WA Premier’s Literary Awards Resurrected!

The Hole, by Kelly Canby, The Happiness Box, by Mark Greenwood, Puddle Hunters, illustrated by Karen Blair, took the top three spots in the WA Premier’s Awards

Hearty congratulations to all the winners, shortlisted authors,  illustrators and everyone who entered the new, revamped  WA Premier’s Literary Awards !

‘But …,’ you are entitled to say. ‘What about YA?’ ‘What about creative non-fiction?’ ‘What about …?’ The list goes on. We all know that this year’s Awards are not perfect. But they are a new start. The judges this year were invited to make comments on things that needed to be improved. They  have raised several relevant points and made suggestions about how the competition can be improved for next year. For now, suffice it to say that there will be a ‘next year’, which is a relief after such a damaging hiatus. As Lesley Reece said to the Minister for Arts and Culture on the night, ‘We punch above our weight here in WA, with more successful writers, per capita, than any other State in Australia. We deserve support –  and more funding.’

Good on you, Lesley! You are such a trouper!

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