Miss Llewellyn-Jones and Love Your Bookshop Day

Elaine Forrestal disguised as Miss-Llewellyn Jones

Miss Llewellyn-Jones has lost her washing again. If you see her searching for it outside Dymocks Subiaco Book Shop, or at the Subiaco Library between 10am and 11 am next Saturday, go up and talk to her. She will tell you the stories of how the wind blew, many times, and took her washing away on all sorts of unusual adventures. And if you already know the story you might be able to answer one of her questions and win a prize. She will be giving out books to anyone who can help her find her well travelled washing, and telling some of her other stories as well.

Award winning illustrator, Kelly Canby, also loves Dymocks Subiaco and will be painting a Miss-Llewellyn scene on one of the shop windows on Saturday morning. She and her son, Will, talk to Miss Llewellyn-Jones when they see her shopping in the store with her grand children, Isaac and Naomi. Although on those occasions Miss L-J is heavily disguised as Elaine Forrestal.

We hope to see you in Subiaco on Saturday morning. If not, go along to your local book shop on Love Your Book Shop Day – Saturday 10th August 2019.

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