Miss Llewellyn-Jones hangs her washing in The Place

Last Tuesday The Place, which is the fabulous children’s section of the State Library of Western Australia, was invaded by a very strong wind. This wind was created, with a bit of help from a couple of adults, by some enthusiastic 2 – 4 year olds who had come to the Library to take part in the Imaginary Leaps series of eight sessions based on the Peter Williams Collection of original illustrations from Australian picture books.

With a washing line strung across the room and filled with items of clothing, Miss Llewellyn-Jones should have been able to put her feet up and have a nice glass of cumquat juice while she waited for them to dry. That was before this wind sprang up and whisked away the items of clothing, one by one. Of course Teddy was there too. When it was his turn to be hung out to dry he was not going to be whisked away to some far off place, perhaps forever. He saw an umbrella (twirled by Rachel form Imaginary Leaps) and he was ‘ready for that’. Lassoing the handle of the umbrella with his bow-tie he managed to sail safely back into Miss Llewellyn-Jones’s arms. Phew! What a relief for Teddy. But that didn’t stop the young audience from shouting for the story to be told, and acted out, one more time.

The wind blew. The pegs snapped ...

The ‘bilbys’ illustration from Miss Llewellyn-Jones (by Elaine Forrestal and Moira Court, Fremantle Press, 2008) is part of the Peter Williams Collection which is now on display at The Place, Mezzanine Floor, Alexander Library Building, Francis Street, Perth.

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