Spreading the Love

Miss Llewellyn-Jones and Teddy resting their feet at Subiaco Library

Love Your Book Shop Day got off the a great start when Miss Llewellyn-Jones was getting out of her car in the Subiaco Library car park. A 4yr old who happened to be passing by with his dad, asked loudly and curiously, ‘Why is she dressed up?’ That gave me (aka Miss Llewellyn-Jones) the perfect opening to have a conversation with them both about Love Our Book Shop Day and the fact that we would be telling stories and having fun with Miss L-J’s washing.

And our luck held for the rest of the morning. The sun shone, children came and went, with or without their parents who were shopping at the Subiaco Saturday Markets next-door or changing their library books. Miss Llewellyn-Jones kept telling her story and Dymocks Subiaco staff and management smoothed the way for the event, which was held in the library because the Dymocks book shop is too long and narrow for such an expansive person as Miss L-J. However the people there are full of enthusiasm and knowledge about books and the library was happy to provide a bigger venue.

Many thanks to everyone involved. We are already looking forward to next year when, hopefully, we will do it all again – with a different story.

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