I Can Not Weep

Jackie French is one of our most eloquent, articulate and passionate writers and has given us, along with all her books, articles, speeches and her dedicated work saving wildlife, the most moving piece of writing about the bushfires I have seen. Among the hysteria, the arson, the political point scoring and the virtue signalling she has given us hope, courage, compassion and common sense. Precious gifts in this time of despair.

The very topical Black Earth, an Eden Glassie Mystery by Elaine Forrestal

Jackie has been evacuated from her home, not far from Bateman’s Bay, twice in the last six weeks. She has been living out of a suitcase while she tries to maintain the food and water stations she has set up for her local wildlife who are at present streaming in, injured, bewildered and terrified, trying to escape the fires raging around them. Instead of wailing about what the government is not doing Jackie is getting in there, doing what she always does; showing what Australians are made of.

‘Focus on what you can do. Don’t cry for what you can’t’. Jackie French, 2020, theage.com.au

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