Welcome to 2020

The holidays are over. I know for most people there is still at least one more week to go, but I am back at work planning, writing, re-writing and responding to requests on my email. 2020 will be a good year. I can feel it in my bones, if not yet in my bank account, and I’m pleased to be back.

I have two major ideas to focus on. Typically for me they are at opposite ends of my range. One is a picture book which tells the quirky, but heart-warming story of Professor Louis LaBrat. The other is a Boys Own Adventure-type historical fiction that I think will sit well on the shelf alongside Goldfields Girl (to be released in May). At the moment these two projects are competing with each other for my brain space. Ideas keep popping out of my head and I have to be quick to catch them and wrestle them onto a page before they fly away and the details are lost.

Stay tuned and I will keep you up to date with their progress. All the best for the coming year and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you in 2020.

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