Meetings, meetings, meetings!

Goldfields Girl by Elaine Forrestal

So many meetings! But all in a good cause. My new book, Goldfields Girl, is due to be released by Fremantle Press in May and the lead-up to that event  can be crucial to the overall sales of the book. For both publisher and writer selling books pays the bills and puts food on the table, so we all pedal really fast to make the most of the relatively small window of opportunity a new book provides. However, meeting and talking with people takes not only time and energy but imagination and skill as well. The conflict between my next book which is waiting in the wings, demanding attention, and the publicity for this one, is sometimes difficult to resolve. On the one hand I have new ideas whizzing around in my head begging to be explored and moulded into shape. On the other my characters from the previous book, who have become dear friends, and the events that have shaped them, deserve every ounce of energy I can spare.

Eventually all this sets up a sort of vicious circle. The trick is to somehow avoid frustration and cajole these two warring factions, writing and publicity, into supporting and feeding off each other. Convincing them to complement, not compete, and avoid a burn-out situation in which nobody wins.

It’s a challenge. But then I’ve always enjoyed a challenge.

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