Early Release of Goldfields Girl!

Goldfields Girl by Elaine Forrestal

In the midst of all the doom and gloom a pleasant surprise came on Wednesday. My new book, Goldfields Girl, was released a month early! But the thrill was bitter sweet.

I had been talking about this book for so long, planning the big celebration, but also looking forward to all the little unexpected ones that come spontaneously when there is a new book on the scene. This time everything seems muted. The incredible team at Fremantle Press has been working frantically to spread the news. As the world, and the old rules, change day by day these brave people are creating new and innovative ways to connect with readers. I am so lucky to be able to stay busy, helping them produce new posts and online content for a whole range of different sites. It must be hard for people who find themselves with too much time on their hands when everything is changing so rapidly. Everyone at the Press remains positive and enthusiastic, but for me, leaping up, punching the air and dancing around the house is somehow not as satisfying as hugging my friends and seeing their eyes light up. Still Clara is finally out there! So buy yourself a copy for me to sign. I’m working on a digitally signed version of the old ‘Ex Libris’ stickers that you will be able to download and attach inside your book – just until I can give you a high-five and sign it for you face to face, in real time.

Can’t wait for all this social distancing stuff to be over. Please stay well.

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