Families Build Their Own Traditions

Families build their own traditions. It helps them stay connected in ways that are unique and special to them. In our family the Easter Egg Hunt, on Easter Sunday, is one of them. But this year, with most people directed to stay inside, the event the children looked forward to most looked to be in danger of cancellation. To successfully hide the eggs at their house, not ours as we usually do, was complicated by the arrival of a new puppy ten days ago. This new member of the family is a ruthless hunter and gatherer of anything shiny or vaguely edible that she can reach. Her presence  narrowed down the possible hiding places for chocolate eggs to almost zero. Some creative thinking was obviously called for.

Standing in for the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny, hampered as she was by these untimely restrictions on movement, plus a new puppy, had to think long and hard about how to pull off this important event in our family life. The dog slept in the house. She was let out into the fenced back garden as soon as she woke up, which ruled out that option. The unfenced front garden, which was only separated from a busy road by a footpath and narrow verge was not ideal. Tasty chocolate eggs would be vulnerable to passer’s-by, neighbours children, dogs and the local birds. Clearly some innovative and creative thinking was required – and eventually, some string, scissors and (lightbulb moment) four small draw-string bags. At last there was a plan. But would it work?

I chose my time – 7am. Light enough to see. Minimal traffic. I drove down their street and parked my car out of sight. Disguised in my black leggings and top I approached silently. The shutters on their house were still down. Phew! Now, with the resident birds all chattering at me at full volume I had to tie the four bags to what I hoped were inconspicuous branches in the trees near their house. After a few nervous fumbles, it was done. I high-tailed it out of there, leapt into my car, and drove home. From the safety of my dining room I sent this text to my grandson: ‘The Easter Bunny is in lockdown so she  has sent a high-flying chicken to set up your Easter Egg Hunt this year. Good luck.

Happy Easter. I hope you have managed to have as much fun as I did.

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