Lest We Forget Who We Are

Everyone of us has faced fear, uncertainty, pain and sorrow, especially in the last two months. The important things to remember are who we are and how far we have come. Fear itself is now our greatest enemy.

To remind myself of this I pulled out photos of my ancestors who fought in major wars including the Boer War where one of them, George Whitton, was court marshalled and narrowly escaped being shot at dawn with Breaker Morant. There was also my great uncle Tom, who was killed at Gallipoli, and my uncles and an aunt who served in WWII. But like the girl in the Maurice Sendak story, Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present, I felt these illustrious ancestors needed more recognition in these testing times.

Anzac Day 2020

A cotoneaster tree, conveniently growing in our garden, provided some flexible branches. The red roses are blooming nicely at the moment. And a red ribbon from a box of chocolates provided a nice finishing touch to my Anzac Day wreath. Just before dawn on Saturday I lit my biggest red candle and put it in the window, with the photos facing out onto our driveway. When I looked out along the street there were already similar displays in other driveways, placed there to acknowledge the courage and can-do spirit of our service men and women, who went to war to defend our way of life and to show the world who we are and who we can be.

The present war against covid-19 is scary. But we will come through it if we can hold tight to the legacy of courage and mateship shown by those who have already stood firm on the brink of the unknown. Fear can paralyse us, but if we shift the focus on to others who need us, our own terrors can be forgotten for a while.

Bon courage

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