7th May

Goldfields Girl, Elaine Forrestal, published by Fremantle Press

This has been such a strange time to be launching a book. I am very grateful to Fremantle Press for supporting me with their expertise in all things electronic. Certainly something I’m not good at, but I’m learning – fast. As the date of the planned celebration approached it became abundantly clear that we were not going to be able to have the ‘outback pub comes to Perth’, live music event for just under 100 people in the Theatre at the State Library of WA. But, even though the book had been released a month before, somehow I couldn’t quite let the day go by unmarked. I enlisted the help of my friend Michael Wheatley who made the following video and put it up on YouTube for me.

So clap along to the Goldfields Girl Rap and click on the link below it to see what happened next.

Hey! Hey! It’s the 7th  of May
At last! At Last! The 7th of May
But what do they say
When I knock on their door?
No! No! Wait some more!
Ten people only? they say
Click on the link below to see what happened next.
We will be rescheduling as soon as possible. Watch this space.

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