Little Street Library Mysteries?

A Little Street Library in our neighbourhood

For some time now I have been intrigued by these colourful, house-shaped boxes that are popping up on people’s fences, or on sturdy posts outside their houses. These mini-houses have a glass door at the front and books inside! I must admit I have never seen anyone open one, but I have read about these Little Street Libraries which operate on an honour system. Anyone can open the door of the library, borrow a book and replace it when they have finished reading it. Or keep it. Or lend it to a friend. And anyone can donate a book of their own, put it on the library shelf, spine facing out, and leave it there for a neighbour, or a stranger, to borrow.

I love the idea and thought about securing one of these neat little houses. However, the task of erecting a post outside our property, sturdy enough to keep it safe, was really daunting for me. Then again, we do have a low brick wall around one of our outside garden beds. And I have an embarrassing number of books, in spite of regularly donating boxes of them to the Osborne Park Hospital. Of course the books for both the Hospital and the Little Street Library must be in good condition. But I can imagine opening up a well loved copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone which falls open at the description of the Quiddich Match, or a copy of The 39 Story Treehouse with water marks where tears of laughter have fallen on the pages.

Come to think of it, the Little Street Library may even inspire some stories of its own. The Little Street Library Mysteries has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

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