Graffiti on the Fence

Graffiti on the Fence

Graffiti on the Fence

‘Go home, you adolescent rabble! It must be past your bedtime!’

‘Aw shut up, you old bat!’ Hellz shouts.

‘Yeah, we’ll go home when we feel like it,’ Tan yells.

Graffiti on the Fence by Elaine Forrestal

Hellz, Tan and Eddie are the local skateboarding trio. Every night after school they hang out together, terrorising ‘the Witch’. That’s what they call elderly Lallie. They make their own rules, and give cheek to anyone who gets in their way.

But Lallie gives as good as she gets, and when Hellz unexpectedly finds himself in her garden one day, he soon learns there’s more to Lallie than he thought…

  • Release date: 01/09/1999
  • Publisher: Penguin Australia
  • Available for:
  • ISBN: 9780141305196
  • Format: Paperback

Short listed for:
Children’s Book Coun­cil of Aus­tralia Book of the Year Awards (Younger Read­ers), 2000