Leaving No Footprints

Then Kip gets angry too. ‘You just don’t know what it’s like.’


Our eyes blaze at each other. He looks away. ‘I have to watch my back, that’s all,’ he says, more gently.

Leaving No Footprints by Elaine Forrestal

Henny can’t work Kip out. Where is his family? Where does he live? Why do waves of sadness and anger sometimes overtake him?

The answers to these questions only come when the two friends’ boat is trapped in a dark storm. In the urgent battle to survive, the limits of friendship and trust will be stretched to breaking point.

  • Release date: 01/05/2001
  • Publisher: Penguin Australia
  • Available for:
  • ISBN: 9780141311173
  • Format: Paperback, eBook

The holiday setting, the sense of freedom that the two children enjoy … the adventures they have and the general feeling that they can work out their own solution to problems, all make this an appealing read.

Julie Long – Reading Time

You’ll have to read this exciting book for yourself and make up your own mind about what happens to Kip in the end.

The West Australian Ed Magazine

Another sensitive and compassionate story about children dealing with difficult issues in their daily lives … in no way does it glamourise drugs or drug use, preferring instead to show how far the hurt spreads.

Dani – Colvin The Sunday Tasmanian

The author is skilful at developing the different but complimentary characters of Kip and Henny … The smell and sounds of the sea, the sand, and a small boat fighting the waves are brought to life … as a background to the young people’s struggles of friendship, loneliness and trust.

Anne Hanzl – Magpies