Wild Wind

‘I can’t fit in there,’ I said, straightening up to my full 154 centimetres. There was an almighty crash somewhere above us. A shower of dust and grit fell through the air vent in the ceiling and suddenly all four of us were scrambling in, pressing close together under the kitchen table.

Wild Wind by Elaine Forrestal

A terrifying cyclone brings down power lines and creates havoc, while a mysterious prowler, circling the Eden-Glassie homestead, strikes terror into the hearts of Tori, his sister and two cousins. Their courage has never been so thoroughly tested.

Following Deep Water, Stone Circle and Black Earth, this is the dramatic conclusion to the Eden-Glassie Quartet.

  • Release date: 30/05/2005
  • Publisher: Penguin Australia
  • Available for: $14.95
  • ISBN: 9780143300717
  • Format: Paperback, eBook

The final of the four Eden-Glassie mysteries will not disappoint fans of the series and yet it is quite accessible to readers who have not read the previous volumes. Forrestal’s child characters continue to develop through this story in a satisfying manner.

Annette Dale Meiklejohn – Magpies