Deep Water

‘I’m sure I heard it,’ I said. ‘It’s Axle, howling.’

‘Axle’s gone, Tori.’ My uncle shoved his secateurs in the back pocket of his baggy trousers. ‘I know it’s hard,’ he said. ‘Especially when we’ve never found his body.’

Deep Water by Elaine Forrestal

But Tori has heard a dog howling. Did he imagine it? Is it, as his cousin Bronte believes, Axle’s ghost? Or could Axle be alive, after all?

Flood strikes the idyllic vineyard property of Eden-Glassie, and the raging river sweeps away the family’s dogs. All are returned except Axle, Tori’s beagle. But a dog sounding like Axle can be heard howling from the other side of the swollen river. Tori risks a midnight swim across to find his dog, but instead finds something much more troubling and sinister…

Deep Water is the first in the exciting series of mysteries set on the vineyard property of Eden-Glassie.

  • Release date: 01/06/2005
  • Publisher:
  • Available for:
  • ISBN: 9780143300304
  • Format: Paperback, eBook

The plot will appeal with elements of mystery, adventure and daring. The characters too will have their appeal, as Tori and his cousin take control, showing independence, courage and resilience. It is somehow reassuring to find a novel that features an extended family.

Barbara Dobson – Reading Time

Tori isn’t the sort of kid to give up on anyone or anything and his determination to find Axle leads him to some frightening discoveries. This book is ideal for mystery-lovers aged nine to 13.

Kirsty Pitman – The West Australian

Deep Water is a good read – full of adventure and daring. Tori is an engaging character. His determination and endurance make him real and very likeable.

Tina Cavanough – Magpies

Short listed for:
WA Premier’s Book Awards, 2003
West Aus­tralian Young Read­ers Book Awards, 2005