Miss Llewellyn-Jones goes to town

Miss Llewellyn-Jones takes Teddy shopping – with disastrous results. Teddy takes off on an adventure of his own, and it takes all his ingenuity to find his way home. A delightfully rhythmic text and gorgeous, quirky illustrations make this a book to read again and again.

Illustrator Moira Court was shortlisted for a Crichton Award for Best New Illustrator by the Children’s Book Council for Miss Llewellyn-Jones.

  • Release date: 2010
  • Publisher: Fremantle Press
  • Available for: $16.95
  • ISBN: 9781921696046
  • Format: Paperback

The idiosyncratic heroine should by now have learned to keep a careful eye on her restless Teddy! This is a sequel to Miss Llewellyn-Jones with its washing line adventure, which was shortlisted for the CBCA Crichton Award. This time the two companions set out by motor scooter for a shopping expedition.

When Teddy gets bored and leaves Miss Llewellyn- Jones’ shopping basket, he meets difficulties that demand all his ingenuity. While the short text reads aloud cheerfully, much of the storytelling takes place in the pictures. So this is a book that requires and rewards careful reading in the widest sense of the word. Poring over the pictures, readers young and old will notice such details as how Teddy became entangled in the sausages and what happened to the wooden horse. The naïve style illustrations use generous blocks of colour, and what colour it is— the ‘fresh squeezed cumquat juice’ page is especially mouth-watering. The author is known for her novels for nine- to 14-year-olds, but now with two books about this implacable heroine has a well deserved slice of the four- to nine-year-old market; especially good for schools and libraries.

Robin Morrow – Junior Bookseller (March to May)