Miss Llewellyn-Jones becomes Notable

Title page of Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town

Following in the footsteps of Miss Llewellyn-Jones, Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town has also become a Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book.

There was much excitement in the Forrestal and Court households when the annual CBCA Awards were announced on Tuesday and our publisher, Cate Southerland, from Fremantle Press phoned to say that we had made the list again.

Congratulations to the other West Australian authors and illustrators who also made the Shortlist and Notable lists.

Small, small world

As usual my calendar is filling up with visits to schools and libraries, presentations at conferences, festivals and book clubs. But this year the mysterious threads of the literary network have have joined up to create a very pleasant surprise.

Beginning with a chance meeting at the Mudaring Arts Centre, the web of connection has been spinning and spreading out to eventually encompass Burrendah Primary School, the Early Years in Education Conference and, most unexpectedly Hollywood Pre Primary.

It was quite funny being ‘sprung’ by Michelle Sullivan, who is one of the organizers of the EYES Conference, on my first visit to my grandson’s Pre Primary as a helper. I had been picking Isaac up after school each Wednesday since we came back from France at the end of February. But the Pre Primary at Hollywood is divided between two adjoining classrooms and Michelle is in the other one. I wasn’t aware that she was there until she spotted me supervising an activity. Then there were a lot of questions flying back and forth between the two sets of staff. ‘Is it her?’ ‘It can’t be.’ ‘What’s she doing here?’ Since then my visits to the school have taken on a whole new dimension. They are now even more fun than before.

And Burrendah? Well, my chance encounter with Kath Comber at the Mundaring Arts Centre has lead to a planned visit to Burrendah Primary School as part of Children’s Book Week this year AND to presenting a session at the EYES Conference. More about that later …

Following in the footsteps of

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