Deep Water as an eBook?

Deep Water, Stone Circle, Black Earth, Wild Wind

Recently I have had a new wave of enquiries about the availability of Deep Water. The book is part of the Eden Glassie Mystery series, but it is officially no longer available from the publisher, Penguin Books Australia. Because there are four books in the Eden Glassie quartet this presents a dilemma for all concerned. The other three books are still in print, but students, teachers and librarians who love the books naturally want to have access to all of them.

Because the publishing industry is in a state of flux at the moment, Penguin is reluctant to commit to reprinting Deep Water unless they receive enough enquiries about it from the public. They are, however, considering releasing the eBook rights to me. I am at present learning how to do an eBook and, while I acknowledge that this format may not be as useful for classrooms and libraries, I think it will be better than not having access to the book at all.

The Eden Glassie Mystery series happens to be very topical at the moment because three of the four books are set against the background of an extreme weather event – fire, flood, cyclone. The fourth delves deep into the earth. If you are looking to pose questions about climate change, these books are for you. Of course I don’t provide any answers. I want to encourage my readers to think about life’s problems and find their own solutions.

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