Strong Winds at Whitford Library

Elaine and Moira with Miss Llewellyn-Jones

An enthusiastic group of children, whose ages ranged from 4 to 7 years, combined to create some strong winds at Whitford Library during the week. Miss Llewellyn-Jones was hanging out her washing only to have it blown away by the combined forces of gravity and the lung power of twenty or so young people. Fortunately, in this case, the very obliging scarecrow, donkey, sailors and magpies returned the clothes after wearing them for a short time. Just long enough for the narrator to fill in details of the story, Miss Llewellyn-Jones, for the mostly-adult audience.

Having turned the first book into a play the audience was then able to follow the further adventures of Miss Llewellyn-Jones as she did her shopping in Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town. 

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