Miss Llewellyn-Jones spans the generations

I have always believed that a good story will appeal to any age group. Now we have the proof!

In 2009, one-year-old Naomi received an advance copy of Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town as a present for her very first Christmas. The book had not yet been released, but it was dedicated to her so we felt she was entitled to special treatment. She loved the book to bits – literally. Two years on, when that copy had fallen apart, she demanded another one. By then she was more aware of how to handle a book so the second copy, although just as well loved, is in better shape at this stage.

Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town, written by Elaine Forrestal, illustrated by Moira Court

The other day Moira Court met an ‘older’ lady who had just bought a copy of the same book to give to her friend on her 91st birthday.

Many happy returns  – of the birthday and the book.

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