From Paris

Last time we were in Paris we spotted Miss Llewellyn-Jones’s pale green scooter parked on the footpath that we walk along each morning on our way to the boulangerie. We couldn’t believe that even an enterprising madamaselle like Miss L-J could travel so far from country Weatern Australia. But there was the evidence right before our eyes.
This time we caught a glimpse of Rose de Freycinet in the Tuillerie Gardens, which are quite close to where we are living at the moment. There she was in her long skirt, her feathered hat and button-up boots. Her short blonde hair was curling around her face, just as it does in the portrait we have of her. I looked for her nephew, Lodoix, who was almost certainly there somewhere. But he must have been off climbing a tree. Since Rose was a great tree-climber when she was his age she would certainly approve of that.

I don’t have access to my photo file here, so I can’t show you the portrait of Rose until I get home. But you will see it. Keep watching.

Happy New Year

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