Meeting with Henry de Freycinet

Henry de Freycinet

While I was in Paris I was able to meet with Henry de Freycinet. He is the present Baron de Freycinet, the curator or the Archive de Laage and a direct descendant of Rose’s husband, Louis de Freycinet.

Henry was in Paris during one of the weekends that I was there and we had breakfast together at the Cafe Vauban, opposite where we were staying. This meeting, twelve months after he generously allowed me to access the Archive de Laage and gave me a great deal of help and direction, has been an important one for the ongoing development of Rose’s story.

Once again Henry has been enormously helpful. Since I emailed him the draft he has gone through the manuscript very thoroughly, underlining French expressions that sound too modern, correcting Naval terms and adding details that will give more authenticity to the book.

Thanks Henry. Your wealth of knowledge, and willingness to share it, are inspiring.

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