Make my day!

This week I have had a wave of contacts from both students and teachers, mostly from New South Wales and Victoria. It is always great to hear from people. One student had just read, and loved, Graffiti on the Fence. He then went off to the library and found Wild Wind and Someone Like Me.

A teacher who read Someone Like Me to her class last year contacted me to see if there was an audio version available. She is planning to read the book to this year’s class and thought some of her students might benefit from being able to hear as well as see the book. The Association for the Blind in WA is negotiating with Penguin at the moment to produce CD and Mp3 versions so we have our fingers crossed that an audio version will become available again soon. If not she will use the paperback, as she did last year.

It is great to know that there are still people discovering my books for the first time and really enjoying them. I am always happy to reply to emails and to answer any questions that readers might have. So contact me and make my day!

Cover of Someone Like Me by Elaine Forrestal

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