Black Jack Anderson – up to his old tricks

Twice in the last week Black Jack Anderson has come out of hiding and made his presence felt.

On Monday 26th March there was an article on page nine of The West Australian showing a photo of a cave on Middle Island where archaeologists are hoping to eventually find the valuables Anderson left behind when he was murdered in 1835.

And on Tuesday 27th March Lorraine Horsley from ABC Regional Radio, Kalgoorlie contacted me about a segment she was preparing for her Morning Show the next day. Lorraine had not seen the article in The West, but had been told about death adders on Sandy Island, in the Recherche Archipelago, whose presence had been attributed to Anderson.

Coincidence? Or has our elusive pirate been visiting us again?

If you are in Albany any time in the next week or so, go to Dolly Pettit’s house (located in front of the Police Precinct on Stirling Terrace) and walk up the wooden staircase to the landing. I would not be surprised if you were to find Anderson there, visiting Dolly. She will be  in her chair waiting for him, dozing in front of the fireplace, in her bedroom on your right.

The staircase in Dolly Petit's House. The ghost of Black Jack Anderson walks up these stairs to make sure that Dolly is safe.

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