Miss Llewellyn-Jones visits Hollywood

Miss Llewellyn-Jones with Elaine Forrestal and Moira Court

Hollywood Primary School in Nedlands, WA, that is.

Miss Llewellyn-Jones and her friends from A Glassful of Giggles and Rainbow Jackets spent some time in the School Library talking to the Year 1 class about writing their own stories. Not about dragons and aliens and fighting with weapons, but things they really know about like disappearing socks, pet flies and the way that Bubbles live in families – big ones, small ones, middle sized ones, babies and Great-grand-daddies and they all wear rainbow jackets and have smooth shiny skin.

The class teacher shared a story about her dog who feels it is his mission in life to find socks, clean or dirty, and bring them to her from every corner, chair or shelf in her house! He doesn’t chew them, just brings them. No one knows why he only brings socks. Why not underpants, handkerchiefs, tennis balls or sticks? But what a great story! Before we knew it there were lots of other dog stories, then pet and little brother or sister stories, all popping out of the children’s mouths and begging to be written down. It is interesting to note that among the winners of both the Tim Winton Awards and the Young Writer’s Awards there are very few ‘alien’ stories. That’s because the best young writers write about what they know.

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