Jose’s next adventure

Rose and Jose are both pictured in the doorway of Rose’s tent (far left) at Shark Bay.

Having sent a boat to Dirk Hartog Island, Louis de Freycinet then sailed l’Uranie further into Shark Bay and went ashore. Before they could even erect their tents they met a group of Aborigines (see Sailing with Rose).

Jose’s next encounter with savage men was in Timor where the ship was forced to sail very slowly between the islands to avoid being wrecked on the many uncharted reefs. Bored and frustrated, Jacques Arago persuaded Louis to let him take one of Uranie’s boats ashore to investigate what appeared to be a deserted village. This village was well inside Portuguese territory, but a Dutch flag was flying from the top of one of the huts. An eerie silence accompanied the landing party who were cautiously picking their way along a jungle track when suddenly their way was blocked by three enormous cannibals with bones through their noses and poison-tipped spears. Will the sailors survive?

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