International Book Fair, Bologne

Rose de Freycinet has set off on a new adventure and will arrive in Bologne, Italy, at the end of March 2015. To See the World has been chosen by the Hello! From Australia 2015 organisation to be featured on their stall at the International Book Fair and I have been invited to sit at the ‘creator’s table’ for a couple of hours on one of the days during the Fair.

Ever since my first book was published in 1991 the Book Fair in Bologne has loomed large on my horizon, as it does for most publishers, writers and illustrators  of children’s books. This is where publishers gather to look at what’s new, what’s selling well, and which rights they might acquire to add to their own lists. Most translation and overseas publication deals are done, or at least put in motion, at this famous annual event.

Inside the Books Illustrated tent at the International Book Fair in Bologne, 2014

The Fair itself is massive, covering several hectares on the outskirts of the city with colourful tents full of books, posters, art work and people trying hard to sell their wares in the world marketplace that is represented there.

Needless to say I am very excited by this invitation. Several of my SCBWI friends have been to the Fair in past years and recommended that anyone who gets the chance should go. So Bologne here I come!


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