New version of The Whaler’s Tunnel

Entrance to the Whaler’s Tunnel before the present restoration.

I had hoped to work on the new version of The Whaler’s Tunnel manuscript while I was in Paris, but there was an essay for my UWA course that was due three days after I got back. The problem was that, two days after I got back, I was running workshops at West Busselton Primary School. Since I have never been someone who could leave that sort of thing to the last day, then stay up all night and submit it in the morning, I had to do it while I was away. And it was for a unit that required hard copy delivered to the Methodologies Office on campus. Although the actual writing was done and ready to go, I had to print out the essay when I got home. The Paris apartment has excellent internet access and is very well equipped in other areas, but there is no printer. Getting the assignment in to UWA on my first day back was a bit of a rush but, once that was done, I could concentrate on other things.

This week I submitted a new version of my local history/fiction story, The Whaler’s Tunnel, to Fremantle Press. We will have to wait and see where it goes from there.

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