Eden Glassie Mysteries available in paperback format again!

English students after presenting a Reader’s Theatre dramatisation of an Elaine Forrestal title. the Eden-Glassie Mysteries displayed on the table in the foreground

Typical of my generation, I knew nothing about computers until I was in my early forties. I still know only what I need to know for my work, but over the last month I have had to learn very quickly!

An opportunity to provide class sets of paperback copies of Deep Water, Stone Circle, Black Earth, and Wild Wind came via a wonderful Teacher Librarian from NSW. She saw their potential as support materials for the new Geography syllabus topic Wild Weather, with the added advantage that, because the students enjoy reading the stories, they could cross over into their English and Drama subject areas. A bonus for them, and for me.

All of these titles had been out-of-print with their original publisher, Penguin Books Australia, for some time and the rights had reverted to me. Having been encouraged by my publisher at e-Text Press who said ‘Of course you can do this.’, I set out to convert the eBook versions of the four novels to paperbacks. After much trial and error and the occasional S.O.S to more computer-savvy friends I now have Black Earth available, in paperback, for purchase from http://www.createspace.com. Copies can be ordered direct, online, or by contacting me at <eforrie@iinet.net.au>.

The other three titles, Deep Water, Stone Circle and Wild Wind will all be available within the next few weeks. Now that I have learned how to do it, they will not take anywhere near as long as the first one.

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