Eden Glassie Mystery series

New editions of the Eden Glassie Mystery series are now available in paperback.

These adventure/mystery novels are set in rural Australia on the vineyard property, Eden Glassie, where cousins, Tori, Bronte, Morgan and Maddie swim in the river, explore the adjacent forest and ride their horses around the local area.

Vineyards are fascinating places. Always out of step with their surroundings they are green in summer, bare in winter, but always alive with crews of itinerant pickers, pruners, wine makers and farm workers. They are also rich in gossip, myths, tall tales and humour. Tori and Bronte are the same age – almost. Maddie is the ‘baby’, feisty and determined to keep up with the others. Morgan comes in between. He is confident and outgoing, most of the time, but across the quartet of stories each of the children is challenged and tested in different ways. Over time each one is forced to dig deep into their store of courage and determination. Together they must develop independence and maturity, solving mysteries, confronting problems and caring for their environment and each other.

  • Deep Water ISBN 13: 978-1548597689
  • Stone Circle ISBN 13: 978-1548488987
  • Black Earth ISBN 13: 978-1546845379
  • Wild Wind ISBN 13: 978-1548379452
  • Release date: 01/07/2017
  • Publisher: Create Space
  • Available for: $14 each
  • ISBN: See above
  • Format: Paperback
Deep Water
Wild Wind
Stone Circle
Black Earth

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