All New Eden-Glassies

Cover of new edition of Black Earth

Thanks to the National Curriculum topic, Wild Weather, which is part of the new Geography syllabus, each title in the Eden-Glassie Mystery series of adventures has been given a new lease on life. Deep Water, Black Earth and Wild Wind all have extreme weather events as part of their plot. Stone Circle involves an alarming discovery deep in the earth, which completes the circular quartet of books. The four elements – earth, fire, water, wind – are used as motifs. In each case the adventure/mystery takes place during a different season on the vineyard property and extreme weather events are used as a backdrop to the action.

After being available only as eBooks for several years, the whole Eden-Glassies Mystery series has  now been re-released in paperback format. Perfect for classrooms and libraries.

Black Earth is the first to arrive. But Deep Water, Stone Circle and Wild Wind are already on their way. The best thing for me, apart from seeing these books used in schools again, is that hardcopies can now be purchased online ( and they will never go out of print.


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