Happy 40th MYOSB

Shaun Tan signing books for some of his hundreds of fans at The Literature Centre

At the risk of sounding like a stalled robot – ‘Mal-funct-ion! Mal-funct-ion!’ – I feel that the importance of providing an audience for young writers and illustrators can never be emphasised  too much.

The 40th Anniversary celebrations for the Make Your Own Story Book Competition brought together past winners from each decade, and reminded us of just how many of them have gone on to become famous professional writers and illustrators. Although they have now written and illustrated many other books, they still treasure those winning entries from their school days and acknowledge the enormous influence the Competition had on their successful careers. Shaun Tan has won awards all over the world, including an Oscar and an Astrid Lingen Award. James Foley, Karen Blair and Briony Stewart have all won Children’s Book Council of Australia and other prestigious awards. Their original entries in MYOSB, along with many other past and present winners, are at present on display in the City of Perth Library.

Take a trip in to the city. Park in one of the roomy Pier Street car parks and make your way to 573 Hay Street. Check out the fabulous new facilities, see how modern technology has changed the way MYOSB entries are presented and immerse yourself in a wonderful world of books.

See you there.

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