The return of Rose de Freycinet

Rose de Freycinet

Here in France Rose de Freycinet has come full circle in her quest to see the world. After setting out from Toulon in 1817 and sailing around the world aboard l’Uranie, she has returned to the south of France and found a new home in the village of Sauveterre de Guyrene.

In this village, not far from Bordeaux, the local government is opening a new Mediateque. A small group of dedicated people, including the regional Mayor and Deputy Mayor, allocated funds and beautifully restored an old building just off the main square. With the help of the librarian and her team they are moving the old Biblioteque from its tiny premises and incorporating it into the new Mediateque.

In the old building it was not really possible to cater for school groups and the facilities for research via the internet were very limited. However, the new building is bristling with powerpoints, both physical and audio-visual, colourful shelving, books and eBooks, and lots of light and space.

The life of Rose de Freycinet and her voyage around the world will be studied and plans are being made for small groups of students to translate at least parts of the English text back into Rose’s native French. Full circle indeed, and a wonderful enterprise for this innovative community to take on.


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