Backyard Book Fair

New edition of Deep Water and others in the Eden Glassie Mystery series

The release of new editions, in paperback, of the Eden Glassie Mysteries, and the invitation to present at the Backyard Book Fair have prompted me to develop a new workshop based on the novel Deep Water.

Although I have often spoken about the circular nature of the Eden Glassie Mystery series as a whole, in Book Week and other sessions, for some reason I have never focused any of these talks on an individual story. The invitation to do a ten minute presentation for the Backyard Book Fair, which has evolved out of the former Books from Your Backyard event, presented an exciting challenge. What could I say, in ten minutes, that would be sufficiently engaging for a mixed audience in the fluid space allocated at the State Library?

After digging deep into the core of the novel and trying to distil its essence I came up with a puzzle for my audience to solve. Now, having done that for Deep Water, I feel confident I will be able to do similar, but different, workshops for each of the other titles – Stone Circle, Black Earth and Wild Wind. 

Come along to the Backyard Book Fair at the State Library of WA on Saturday 2nd December and see how it all works out. If you are the first to solve the Deep Water puzzle you will win a signed copy of the book. Hope to see you there.

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