A Triumph for Small Acts of Kindness

The Gardener and his hands-on apprentice in ‘Tom Vickers’ live adventure

The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre show with the incredibly long and forgettable title (it starts with ‘Tom Vickers …’ which is all anyone can remember) has turned out to be an absolute winner!

A relatively simple idea has been transformed into an amazing choose-your-own-adventure. Just when the fashion for CYOA books seems to have dwindled to nothing, here comes a Choose Your Own Adventure – Live. It’s a complex, multi-facetted, intriguing and occasionally emotionally moving show. The mind boggles at the level of organisation and at Director, Philip Mitchell’s, unshakeable belief in the ability of his team to pull this off. Against all the odds they have done it!

Having been involved as a volunteer, and as an audience member with two children in tow, I have nothing but admiration for this remarkable production. Here in Perth the season ends today, but watch out Albany and Geraldton. You have a real treat in store.

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