Stories that lie in wait

A contemporary character from Parallel, perhaps?

As often happens, I took a week off once my Clara Saunders manuscript, Life Blood, had gone to the publisher. I tidied my office, washed my car, polished the stainless steel surfaces in my kitchen. For the first few days all was quiet. I even got to stay awake in my comfy chair in front of the TV. Then it started. This little voice in my head saying, ‘Hey! It’s my turn now. Pick me.’

It’s the voice of a story idea. It varies according to the main character – male/female, old/young, contemporary/historical. I’ve heard it before and I’ve always said ‘No. Go away. I’m too busy, Besides, where’s the story?’ But this time I had no excuses left.

I had tinkered with this idea, and abandoned it six months ago. Now it is back with a vengeance and beginning to take shape. I can’t tell you much about it yet. What I do know is that there are two main characters, not one, and the action takes place in two different time zones. And yet it’s not a time-slip story in the usual sense because, at the moment, the two main characters don’t really meet or interact with each other. Intriguing? I think so too. I’m calling it Paralelle at the moment, and I’m up to Chapter 12. Although the Chapters are still very rough, the story has started to unfold.

I’ll be finding out more in the coming weeks.Why don’t you come along?

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